Bottle Sharings

Saturday gathering at Green Room Brewing. Open to all

Bottle Sharing meetings every Saturday at Green Room Brewing starting at 2 pm and every Sunday at Brewer’s Pizza starting at 2 pm. Dates and details are also listed on my Calendar.

Bring a bottle (or can) of your favorite craft brew or homebrew to share and a tasting glass and join us either Saturday or Sunday beginning at 2:00 pm (it’s OK if you arrive late).

A rep from Broudy’s Liquors will be joining us at Green Room Brewing to discuss some of their new craft brews and hand out cards, good for 50% off one bomber!

Here are some basics:

1) bring ANY beer(s) or home brewed beer you wish to share – we’ll open each, one-by-one – and please feel free to share any story you wish to provide about the beer during its opening and sharing. Please keep in mind, the beer will be shared with all in attendance, so if you are “saving” a special bottle for a particular person, please do so outside the meeting – we don’t want anyone to feel out of place or overlooked. The beer can be something you already like – or something you decided you want to try – and don’t mind sharing with all the others.

2) the beer DOES NOT have to be expensive – just something outside of the “McDonald’s beer” – you know, NOT Bud, Bud Lite, Miller, etc. Even if you do not consider yourself well-versed enough to pick something out of the norm, you can go to Grass Roots, Beer: 30, European Street Cafe, Cork & Keg, Broudy’s Liquor, Riverside Liquor, Total Wine, etc. and ask for assistance at any of these places in selecting something to share with the group.

3) Quantity of beer to bring – whatever you want – normally, for an averaged size group, one bomber or two regular sized bottles provides enough samples to go around. I carry mine in an ice chest to keep cold, by the way.

4) the goal is NOT to out-do anyone in your selection(s) – this is meant to entertain, share and taste some beer you might never have tried before. For those of you with substantial inventory of craft beer at home, consider this a way of imparting knowledge to the group – I learn something new during each Bottle Sharing meeting!

5) Beer novices are especially invited – grab your beer-novice spouse, significant other and friends and bring them on – it’s fun, informal fellowship with fellow beer-lovers!

6) Since the location is graciously providing the space and tasting glasses if you forget to bring one (and having to wash them when we’re done), out of courtesy and appreciation, please be prepared to purchase at least one pint of the tasty beers available at Green Room Brewing. At least one pint per person, please – You are welcome to bring snacks and order in food!

If your attending Brewer’s Pizza, please be prepared to purchase at least one pint of their beers or (and) something off their menu of delicious food items.

This needs to be a win-win for us AND Green Room Brewing and Brewer’s Pizza to keep it going – so, let’s work together to make it a success a little closer to home.

Please let me know by responding to this event or by emailing me at with the number of people you expect to bring to the Bottle Sharing (your best guess is fine). I’ll be providing feedback to you all and following Saturday’s and/ or Sunday’s get-together, along with giving you a heads-up about the next Bottle Sharing meeting.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

In the interim, if I can answer any questions or be of any service in this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sunday sharing at Brewer's Pizza - All are welcome

Most Sincerely,

The Jax Brew Bitch