The Brew Bitch is in …

Nothing demure about this admittedly self-indulgent brew bitch … just an honest and thorough approach in announcing and reviewing what the Greater Jacksonville area “Brews and Chews” community has to offer.

But the Jax Brew Bitch is more than that … honest bare-knuckled opinions of as many different microbrews, appetizers, entrees and desserts as she can get her hands on. Straight forward comments about brews and chews AND their purveyors – all targeted to help YOU enjoy life to the fullest!

So, what will you see on this Jax Brew Bitch website?

Event Calendar to learn where you can find the best craft beer – great food and entertainment – with comfortable settings and outstanding customer service when you are out and about spending your hard-earned money on beer and food. Where to go for that certain event … locations of serious Happy Hours, great food experiences and ideas for that special date night and getaway weekend.

Newsletter is where you can read the latest issue of The Hypnotic Hop – a concise report from the Jax Brew Bitch of what’s happening in the craft beer world, primarily in our area. You’ll also see news about craft beer events in other locations for that special weekend getaway – maybe some beer history – plus EACH week, one of the subscribers to The Hypnotic Hop is selected at random (using an online Random Number Generator) to receive a gift – either a free beer at one of the Greater Jacksonville area establishment, free appetizer, ticket to an event, swag, etc. Subscribe today to be “in the running”.

Brews Reviews with a focus on those who are relatively new to the craft beer scene. No need in feeling timid when faced with a wide array of beer tap handles at one of our local establishments. These reviews will provide you the tools to gird yourself with confidence as you step up to what would have been an otherwise bewildering number of selections.

The reviews will position the brews in their position of body, flavor and alcohol content – leaving the “drill-down” to the details of the subtle aspects of the brew to the myriad of experienced and trusted beer-bloggers and beer-review websites already serving the international beer aficionado community.

Chews Reviews of selected menu items spanning the spectrum of food genres available at bars and restaurants throughout Northeast Florida and beyond. The Jax Brew Bitch realizes palates vary and some folks have health concerns which motivate them to be very discriminating when reviewing a menu. What she might devour you might not even consider – but you’ll know what food she had and how she enjoyed it.

So, what are the parameters of the Reviews?

Bottom line, was it enjoyable? … the ambiance, the product and the server all combine for the Jax Brew Bitch to make a determination of “value”. It follows that “value” does not necessarily mean “cheap” – some “brews and chews” experiences may require you to throw down a significant amount of money – but in the end, the experience met or exceeded your expectations and is therefore considered a “value”. On the other hand, your experience might have required little money but the uncomfortable surroundings and poor customer service might have combined to motivate you to never darken that purveyor’s doorstep again.

So, what else will you see on this Jax Brew Bitch website?

Blog is the venue the Jax Brew Bitch uses to recount the details of her “Prowls”, express what is on her mind and disseminate more information about craft beer and the establishments which serve them. She’s seldom alone in these prowling adventures – with “Companion”, “Tinker Beer, the Brew Fairy” and “Krispy, the Freakin’ Fried Fairy”, the Jax Brew Bitch can cover a lot of ground.

Forums provide an updated “old school” Bulletin Board for registered members to share information about Bottle Sharing get-togethers, Home Brewing processes and recipes, Events – just about anything is fair game.
Bottle Sharing includes information, photos and requirements for regularly scheduled get-togethers around town where you can share a multitude of craft beer – many unavailable in the Jacksonville area – with other craft beer lovers.

Pint Night lists the details of upcoming events highlighting certain creations from microbreweries from all over the continent. Specials, “keep-the-glass” offers and swag giveaways are featured during Pint Nights at various establishments in our community.

Tastings will direct you to the locations of special beer tastings offering samples of featured craft beer. Some establishments provide free samples and others offer the tastings at an affordable cost.

Just Tapped is loaded with all the latest news about new or recently returning craft beer available by draft at several of the Greater Jacksonville area bars, breweries and restaurants.

New Arrivals provides updates on what craft beer new release or recently returning microbrew has made its way back onto the shelf at local beer stores.

Beer Dinners will get your juices flowing with the salivating details of upcoming craft beer and phenomenal food pairing dinners prepared by talented breweries and experienced chefs from various restaurants in and around Jacksonville.

Happy Hour will direct you to your first stop on the way home from work – where you can get a deal on craft beer and something to munch on.

Events is populated with blog posts and announcements detailing upcoming events, including those benefitting certain charities.

Tappin’ Tunes is literally music to your ears – locations where live music and entertainment is provided along with “brews and chews”.

Videos highlight interesting developments in the craft beer industry and the efforts of local artists who are themselves a part of the Jacksonville Brews and Chews scene. You might even see the Jax Brew Bitch herself while she’s out on one of her Prowls.

Lagniappe covers the gamut of events not necessarily beer-related but those about which the Jax Brew Bitch believes you should be aware.

In development:
• Spotlights on the best servers in Jax – they need and deserve our support ($)
• Glimpses into the Jax Brew Bitch’s initial foray into home brewing
• Expanded geographic coverage during Jax Brew Bitch Prowls
• Guest Beer Reviews

You can see there is a lot of content presented on this website – the Jax Brew Bitch hopes it can be helpful to you in deciding when and where to spend your hard-earned money.

A note to the purveyors of brews and chews AND you “lean and hungry” entrepreneurs just waiting in the wings for your chance:

Do you want an enduring “seat at the table” in the Greater Jacksonville Area community of highly-frequented establishments? … well then, the Jax Brew Bitch strongly suggests you be ready to step to the plate and deliver quality products and effective customer service in order to pry those hard-earned dollars out of our pockets – which we’ll gladly do – for your earnest effort!

Dear Jacksonvillians, friends and treasured visitors – the Jax Brew Bitch extends her best wishes for you to truly enjoy what our great area has to offer in craft beer, great food and lively entertainment.

Please support our local establishments – it’s good for our community and builds positive perceptions of our city.

Finally and most importantly, please be assured that the Jax Brew Bitch will always be ON THE PROWL consistently … and self-indulgently, of course … for YOU.

Cheers! … Bon Appetit! … and Laissez les bons temps rouler!