Operation Turkey Sandwich at Silver Cow – Nov 23

With Thanksgiving approaching, the awesome folks of Beer & Hymns have decided to do something a little special for those that get stuck working on the holiday – away from their family. Join us operation turkeyfor a special Beer & Hymns event – Operation Turkey Sandwich – at Silver Cow on Wednesday (Nov 23), 7:30 pm – “Thanksgiving Eve” – to assemble bag lunches complete with turkey sandwiches, pumpkin bars and a few other portable versions of Thanksgiving classics!

Silver Cow is honored to be part of this! We will be tapping a couple of barrel-aged beers for the event and we’ll be offering drink specials throughout the evening.

Then, make the holiday even more rewarding for you by joining us all on Thanksgiving morning as we go all over town handing these bag lunches out to anyone who we find working. (7-11 clerks, bartenders, cops, bus drivers, strippers, Walmart employees, etc.)

There are many ways to help and we need lots of it! You can help by baking items to put into the bags, assembling the lunches, driving around to help hand them out or by donating money. You can also help by sharing this event with anyone else you think would be interested in helping make this happen!

Go to the link below to donate and make Operation Turkey Sandwich happen!