Green Bench Brewing Beer Pairing Dinner at Tapa That

No need to worry about what to make or do for dinner tonight (Tues. May 24)! Tapa That is featuring Green Bench Brewing Co. this evening with a 5 course beer pairing dinner and a complimentary refreshing beer cocktail, all for $50.
green bench

Green Bench Brewing Co. Beer Dinner Menu:

Course 1: “Don’t Grisette the Gaspacho”
Chilled Tomato Gazpacho with Fresh Avocado & Jalapeno topped with a Chilled Seafood Salad. Vegan Sub: Sans Seafood Salad.
Pairing: Grisette (Wild Belgian Ale)

Course 2: “The Saison for Trout De Banc Vert”
Thinly Sliced Napa Cabbage, Heart of Palm & Celery tossed in a Sweet Waldorf Dressing & topped with Granny Smith Apples, Walnuts, & Smoked Trout. Vegan Sub: Smoked Heart of Palm.
Pairing: Saison De Banc Vert

Course 3: “Rye Saison a Good Steak”
Lightly Peppered Steak, Thinly Sliced & Wrapped Around Fresh Asparagus. Served Chilled with Horse Radish Crema. Vegan Sub: Sans Steak
Pairing: Rye Saison

Course 4: “768 Ducks of Sunshine”
Fig Demi Glaze Roast Duck Taco with a Root Veggie Succatash & Fig Hoisen. Vegan Sub: Jackfruit
Pairing: Sunshine IPA

Course 5: “Smoke the Chickens Out”
Chocolate Cinamon Rolls with a Smoked Cherry Glaze. Vegan Sub: As-is
Pairing: Dancing Chickens Belgian

$50 Includes:
-Entry and 5 courses
-5 Beer Tastings
-Complimentary Beer Cocktail –
“Tis the Saison”
Pisco Sour Style Saison Infused with Orange, Apple & Rosemary Syrup.