Hopollo & Beer Class: Beer 101

How does one decide to try craft beer for the first time?Hopollo

Does Hopollo, the Greek God of Microbreweries reach down with a malty worted finger and touch someone not currently enjoying what craft beer has to offer?

No, though that mental image intrigues me. For instance, what would Hopollo be wearing? … never mind.

Anyway, the typical migrations from non-beer-drinkers and mass-produced-beer-drinkers into the microbrew community begin by:

a) those who have tired of the wine and hard liquor scene;
b) those who have been trying to find palate-excitement with the mass-produced brands for years with no luck;
c) spouses of craft beer drinkers who decide having a shared exciting experience is important;
d) friends of craft beer drinkers who want to be part of the fun;
e) non-drinkers.

It follows then that it falls upon us, the veteran craft beer enthusiasts, to assist these folks in their initial steps.

Folks are hesitant to “jump right in” because:

1) they don’t want to be embarrassed by being identified as a novice;
2) they don’t want to “waste money” on beer with tastes that don’t resonate with their individual palate;
3) they feel they have to be able to describe the beer like the pros do.

Thus, Silver Cow has decided to begin a series of classes to help those wanting to try craft beer develop confidence in selecting the right beer (for them) from a myriad of tap handles.
Beer 101 Jan 23 2016

Beer Class: Beer 101 at Silver Cow. Saturday, January 23. 4:30 – 5:30 pm.

Class is $20 per person but mention discount code Beer101 for $5 off.

What you get:
*Enjoy four (4) different craft beer styles during the class
*Four (4) charcuterie, fromage and fruit pairings – each matched with the beer
*Class sheets and information to keep
*10% off food purchase at Silver Cow
*10% off of your container and growler fill of one of the beers used in the class
*An extra $1 off Happy Hour price for one of the beers tasted during your class
*10% off Silver Cow packaged beer (or wine) to go
*A Silver Cow sticker
*A pint glass to keep

For more details visit:

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