Goose Island Bourbon County Pub Crawl – Wed. Nov 25

Remember last year when I made you salivate my mentioning two simple words?Bourbon-County

Bourbon County … See? Let the slobberfest begin AGAIN!

It all takes place on Wednesday (November 25) right here in Jacksonville!

On that Wednesday, 100 lucky people in Jacksonville will be the ONLY people in Florida to be enjoying the Goose Island 2015 Bourbon County Stout along with a number of its variants during the 2015 Jacksonville Bourbon County Pub Crawl!

This is how it will work:

Starting at 7:00pm on Wednesday (Nov 25), the first 100 people to line up for the Pub Crawl at The Annex (1508 King Street – 904.379.6968) will receive an official wristband, Passport and a 5 oz snifter to use while on the Crawl.

Next door, at Silver Cow (1506 King Street), you will receive a 5 oz. pour of Bourbon County Stout for $5. Limit one 5 oz. pour per Pub Crawler, please.

Keep in mind, your Passport MUST be stamped in the following order to be able to proceed to the next Bourbon County establishment to purchase the variants listed with these establishments:

1) Silver Cow (1506 King Street – 904.379.6968) – Bourbon County Stout – 5 oz. pour – $5
2) The Garage (2692 Post Street – 904.894.7465) – Bourbon County Coffee – 5 oz. pour – $5
3) Dahlia’s Pour House (2695 Post Street – 904.738.7132) – Bourbon County Barleywine – 5 oz. pour – $5
4) Kickbacks Gastropub (910 King Street – 904.388.9551) – Bourbon County Regal Rye – 5 oz. pour – $5

Once you have your Passport stamped at all four locations, you will receive a Raffle Ticket. The Raffle will be held at 10:30pm for rare and very special Goose Island products and swag!

Please note the 100 reserved spots for the Pub Crawl will be first come – first served. Be among the first 100 people at Silver Cow on Wednesday, November 26 for the Bourbon County Pub Crawl!

What an exciting way to spend the evening before Thanksgiving!