Terrapin Beer Dinner. THAT ought to be enough to get your attention as a craft beer lover!GandG

There are just a FEW tickets still available for tonight’s (May 24) Terrapin Beer Dinner at Goozlepipe & Guttyworks (914 King Street – 904.388.9551). There will be eight (8) courses of delicious food and OVER 40 – that’s right – OVER 40 Terrapin Beer Co. beers included in the ticket price – which is only $76 (including tax and tip)! The dinner will be from 6 to 11pm BUT HOLD ON! LISTEN TO THIS!

Don’t miss this RARE opportunity – so unique – not only because of the OVER 40 Terrapin beers included – and not only because Spike from Terrapin will be there – but also because you can be part of a SLEEPOVER! When you call (904.388.9551) or go by G&G today to purchase your tickets, let them know you want to sleepover!

All you have to do is bring your tent, sleeping bag, whatever you want to sleep in (appropriate attire is expected, of course) and Steve and staff will provide you a place to rest your “beery-head” tonight! There is no extra charge for this once-in-a-lifetime experience of sharing some memorable fellowship with other craft beer lovers!

At the event, Steve will be selling tickets to tomorrow’s Terrapin Beer Breakfast Brunch for $20 which includes an array of tasty breakfast creations and six (6) Terrapin Beer Company Wake-N-Bake variants! Make sure to get your name on the list! When you purchase your tickets for tonight’s event, let them know you also want to be part of the Terrapin Beer Breakfast Brunch which is scheduled to begin at 9 am!

CALL NOW! Again, the number is (904.388.9551)
Look for our tent tonight – it will be easy to spot. It will be the one which sounds like there is a running chain saw inside. Companion does snore a bit!

Goozlepipe and Guttyworks