80th Birthday for Canned Beer

Is it your birthday today? If so, you share a birthday with the beer can!beer_cans_f

The first beer sold in cans occurred on this day in 1935, so the beer can turned 80 today. How ‘bout you?

Although the canned beer was quite the thing back then, it went through a phase of lower popularity for many years. Until very recently, “beer in a can” was deservedly associated with the mass-produced, mass-marketed varieties, aka “Big Beer”.

Finally, someone decided that with the improvements made in the can material and the process of canning in general, having beer in a can was not too much different than having it a keg. Protected from sunlight – protected from the air.

In just the past couple of years, canned beer has regained prominence with more and more microbreweries choosing can over bottle. Embrace this advancement in the craft beer industry! Celebrate this day with a can of your favorite brew – and tell it Happy Birthday!

Here’s more information about the first canned beer sold: