Let’s give thanks to our Veterans …

Where are going for fun today? … tonight? … this weekend? Aren’t we blessed to be able to CHOOSE where we go and happy-veterans-day-pictureswhat we do? As Americans, we are somewhat distinctive in the belief that we all have that right.

It could have been different, you know – and still could be. What makes the difference – what keeps tyrannical power from ruling over us – dictating our every move – is our armed forces. They have made and continue to make the difference – those brave men and women who have and continue to protect our freedoms.

If you are out and about this week and notice a veteran or active duty soldier, please consider buying them a pint to show your appreciation for what they do. Have no doubt they will appreciate it and will remember your kind and thoughtful gesture.

On behalf of companion and myself, thank you veterans and active duty military personnel for making this country strong.