Raise your pint and celebrate International Stout Day!

One definition of the word stout is, “bold, brave and dauntless”r620-a61e37efe84a636af2b94d34fd3b338c

I like that – and YOU should, too!

TODAY is International Stout Day – a day set aside to honor and enjoy this distinctive dark beer at just about any beer-laden establishment around the world. Even establishments which haven’t embraced “craft beer” will probably have Guinness or Smithwick on tap. If you are a newbie to anything other than the mass-produced brands of beer, be brave and step out of the norm by trying one of these stouts, available almost everywhere.

Those more immersed in the world of microbrews will most likely be looking for something heavier – higher alcohol content – with notes of chocolate, coffee or anise.

So today, be determined to become emboldened and be dauntless in your search for significant and delicious stouts on International Stout Day! The only loser is the non-participant!