I awoke today and had my choice of breakfast. I had my choice of coffee creamer. I had the freedom to plan my day – my night – my tomorrow. I can go where I want and choose when I want to go. I can set my own goals.

What makes all these things possible are the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Those freedoms exist because of those who have come before us and defended those rights and the preservation of our country, sometime paying the ultimate sacrifice in doing so.

It is hard to imagine any words or any memorial could assuage the pain of those family members left behind by a fallen loved one. I doubt there ARE any words – but sometimes they need to be said nonetheless.

On behalf of Tinker Beer the brew fairy, companion and myself – thank you to all those families who have lost someone in the service to our country and to all those active, reserve and retired military members and THEIR families for allowing us the freedom to do what we do by doing what YOU do – and have done.